The Awkward “First Post”


How you doing.

If you’re reading this right now, you probably know me already. You know that I’m a 40 year old newish runner who loves all things Disney and the horror genre. You know that my weaknesses are cupcakes and “cheese tv” like Bravo, TLC, and SyFy.

You know that I was a member of the media for over 12 years and love writing, which is why I even started up this blog. I miss the writing, and am excited about doing it on my own terms!

You know that I’m the proud daughter of an eight-year ovarian cancer survivor known as The Champ. You know that I am currently working my tailbone off to make my first half-marathon next year.

You know I have a small group of long time friends that I have to hear from at least once a day.

You know I like to make list. Most of my conversations1) consist of a lot of this and 2) a lot of this.

And if you don’t know me…hi. Know that the snark is strong in this one.

Whew. Glad this is out of the way.

Thanks for that three minutes of your life.